Our Supporter Promise

At Festival City Theatre’s Trust we want you to know that we really value your support.

We are committed to treating you with respect and courtesy, so this is our promise to you:

When you make a donation to Festival City Theatres Trust, we promise: 
  • to spend your donation wisely and efficiently 
  • to respect your wishes if you’ve told us how you want us to spend your gift 
  • to keep administration costs to a minimum, so as much of your donation as possible will be spent directly on FCTT’s work


When we’re fundraising, we promise: 
  • to make sure the stories and illustrations we use accurately represent the work we do 
  • to work above and beyond the standards set out by regulatory bodies, and if any external organisation helps us with our fundraising, to make sure they do too
  • to make sure that we keep the amount we spend on fundraising to a minimum, so we’ll raise more money to spend on the creative work of the theatre and our education and outreach work 


When we communicate with you, we promise: 
  • to tell you how we’re spending your money 
  • to listen to you and only contact you in the way you want and never to contact you if you’ve asked us not to 
  • to be especially careful and sensitive when we’re communicating with vulnerable people 
  • never to call you if you’re registered with the Telephone Preference Service, unless you’ve asked us to 


When we use your personal details, we promise:
  • never to sell your personal details  and only share if you tell us you are happy for us to do so
  • to always keep your financial information safe 
  • to always respect your right to privacy [see our Privacy Policy] and adhere to laws around the use of data.


You can contact us with feedback or to make a complaint if you are unhappy with anything we have done while communicating with you.  We promise to respond honestly and promptly to your questions and complaints.